Aggressive Representation for the Injured.

Areas of Practice


bicycle accidents

Police reports often times go against cyclists, even in the most clear cut cases. Insurance companies stand by these police reports until the bitter end. The injuries resulting from these impacts can be severe and life-altering. Finding aggressive representation who will challenge adverse police reports is essential for bicycle injury claims.

slip and fall

These cases typically involve serious injuries and a vigorous defense. Slip/falls will turn on such factors as what type of substance or condition caused the fall, was there a policy in place to inspect the facility and was it followed. Despite the obstacles, I have successfully resolved numerous slip fall cases over the years.

car accidents

You could have the most clear cut case, a rear-ender with an ambulance bill, emergency room bill, some time missed off work and you will find that insurance companies refuse to settle even clear cut claims for fair value. Consult with an injury specialist if you've been in a car accident; there are pitfalls in virtually every case.

dog bites

Even though dog bite cases are "strict liability" cases, many pitfalls arise. Dog bites are covered by homeowners' insurance policies. But what if the dog is owned by a tenant, will the homeowner be liable? Maybe. Consult with an attorney experienced with the ins and outs of liability insurance coverage and dog bites to maximize your recovery.

pedestrians struck by cars

Pedestrians obviously take the worst of these collisions. The injured pedestrian is often times incapacitated or already carted away from the scene which means their statements are not taken down in the police report. Because of this and the serious injuries involved in these claims, seeking aggressive representation is key.

medical malpractice

Medical malpractice or claims of professional negligence require competent representation. Having a bad result after a medical procedure is not enough; the treatment must have fallen below the "standard of care." And what the standard of care even is, that is rarely agreed upon. These claims require the expertise of an experienced injury attorney.